Snowdon Challenge

Snowdon Challenge


Members of the BFS team complete a 3 ½ hour trek up Snowdon in North Wales to raise money for The Haemophilia Society and The Christie.

On a rainy Friday in September, when most people were looking out of their office windows at the rain, 16 members of the BFS team wanted to do something to make a difference and climbed to the summit of Snowdon in aid of charity.

The group were of mixed ability but still chose to walk ‘The Pyg Track’, known by many as the most difficult route, their great teamwork took them to the summit in a respectable 3 ½ hours with smiles on their faces. John Pierce, Early Arrears Management Senior Officer for BFS, said “16 of us took part in what was a really good day, very challenging & also very wet, the weather was horrendous! We completed the climb in 6 hours, no injuries & no helicopter rescue!”

The team managed to raise a staggering combined total of £2,700 for two great causes in The Haemophilia Society and The Christie, some of the funds had been raised around the office by the ever popular tuckshop and dress down days but sponsorship of the ‘Snowdon Challenge’ really caught peoples imagination.

This whole challenge came about as the staff of BFS wanted to start a year-long campaign to raise money for charity. Barry Flynn, a non-exec director of BFS, is on the board for The Haemophilia Society so it was a natural choice to support them, also The Christie is not only local, being based in Manchester, but is a charity close to many peoples hearts due to the nature of their work.