What could an alternative finance injection do for your business?

What could an alternative finance injection do for your business?


We’ve helped thousands of small and medium size businesses to secure and invest finance into their growing businesses and they all have very different reasons for needing a funding boost.


Of course, there are the obvious ones, like needing to buy equipment or to secure business premises. But our advisors also advise companies on how they can make the most effective and efficient use of a cash injection from us.


·       Respond to opportunities

The very essence of being an entrepreneur is having the ability and the freedom to react to the market and that often means moving quickly to get things done. Traditional lenders will often have a fairly rigid process that they have to go through, so the moment or opportunity may have passed by the time you get to draw down the money you need to get things moving. We’re able to process loan applications far quicker – the fastest taking just 8 days.  So, you’re able to react to and meet the demand or new customer immediately, with hopefully more business following in its wake.


·       Think bigger

If a business is only able to trade using its own equity, then it can be hard to think big. If your business is doing well and you can see a new avenue for it to do even better – by exploring a new export market or buying new machinery for example - our advisors can talk you through different finance options to make it happen. They can even put you in touch with experts in that field via the mentoring programme run by our Growth Company partner, the Business Growth Hub.


·        Invest in people

As a young business, one of the hardest things is to make the leap and bring in additional staff. But without more people to make a business work harder and faster, companies can get stuck in a non-growth hole.  Funding from our NPIF or Start Up Loans to bring in the right people can really escalate the scope of what your able to achieve.


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