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New skincare brand has secured a £15,000 loan

Vibrant Skin started with a joint passion for good skincare by sisters Sarah and Kelly Owen. Even though they’re sisters, they both have very different skin types and require different approaches in how to care for them. They discovered quickly that the only way to get what their skin needed was to layer several products and spend a good hour applying them.

Then in 2012, Sarah wondered what if she could make skincare herself, but do it the way she felt it should be made, that way she could include ingredients that both she and Kelly needed. With Kelly's encouragement, that is what she did, and by creating, developing, and refining skincare products in their tiny kitchen the idea for Vibrant Skin was born.

Over the years they have spent hours upon hours discussing ingredients, skin, and the finer points of packaging and if it could only be better. This led to the sisters dreaming about what they would do if they had their own brand and made skincare their way. Then one day they stopped dreaming and decided to make it a reality.

Kelly Owen, Director of Vibrant Skin LTD said: “With GC Business Finance we feel we are in good hands, they have been incredibly supportive of our plan, our ideas. They understand how much this means to us and have offered support for the future which we will gladly take them up on. It really was wonderful speaking to the team, from our initial conversation with Mululumbi Chalwe, Loan Officer who checked our loan application, finances, and business plan, we knew we had chosen the right company.

“Then when speaking to Glenn Hyde, Loan Manager we knew we would be supported in making our dream of becoming business owners a reality. For us this is years in the making, a dream we have had for so long, and now that we have the support of GC Business Finance it is now coming true, and that’s absolutely life-changing to us, and our family.”

Glenn Hyde, Loan Manager at GC Business Finance said: “It was a pleasure working with Vibrant Skin and seeing their true passion for the success of the business. We are always looking for innovative new businesses, like Vibrant Skin, to invest in.”